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Payment methods available in the online shop

  •     Payment by ATM reference.

An ATM reference is generated , sent by email and you can pay your order an automated teller machine or online through your Home Banking service . Print or save your receip of ATM , as this document is your proof of purchase . (Note - This payment option is only available in Portugal and Portugal Islands )

  •     Payment by bank transfer

In finalizing its purchase of items page will show all the data needed for you to run your transfer on your payment . An email will be sent after your purchase informing the customer with all the necessary data to perform your payment . Our services will keep your order and selected items on your order within 48 hours after completion of online shopping. After this time the order will be canceled and you will be notified via email about the event . You can re-order what you want after the cancellation of your order .

  •     Payment via PayPal or using your Credit Card

You can pay all your purchases in our online store using your credit card or your paypal account.

You do not need to have a paypal account to pay by this means. After choosing the " Pay with PayPal or use your credit card" option will be redirected to the paypal payment inteface of our company where you can choose two options , pay with your paypal account by entering your account information and finalize your buy or choose the option to pay with your card where the crédti then you should enter the required data . During the process of both options , you can review the articles selected , you want to eliminate , cancel the order or complete your purchase .

To these means of payment , chose this interface is to reference by Paypal as a standart security in online transactions . In case of doubt on completion of your purchase , please contact us, we will be brief in response .